To the Modern Beauty Visionary…

Our business is about you and the burgeoning ethical beauty movement we both believe in; compassionate conversations, finding your muse, fulfillment that comes from achieving success with integrity, and sharing your vision with the ones that want what only you can bring.

Before pioneering some of the first independent beauty counters in the Pacific Northwest, art and fashion were my world. As a pro makeup artist and fashion stylist I expanded to earn both a Certificate of Apparel Design (University of Hawaii) and a BFA in Fine Art (Cornish College – Seattle) with focus on deconstructive tailoring, painting, sculpture and furniture design. Early on, my studio and my sales office occupied the same space, feeding one another in energy and devotion. Creativity forever fuels my instinct for business.

I’ve journeyed through all corners of the beauty industry, as a sales director and manager, educator, buyer, artist, and consultant for 30 + indie and major brands. I was in the trenches when beauty wasn’t kind: not to animals, not to consumers, and not to women. This tough truth compelled Orden Beauty to usher some of the first ethical brands into the beauty landscape. I’ve always been foremost devoted to the reclamation of feminine interests and ethics and the shift towards sustainability that’s made our growing corner of the market possible.

What I want you to know, is that the process to fortune with Orden Beauty, is joyful. My expertise is to create clarity and strength in every move, and to flow happily and easily into abundance.

And to retailers: Your commitment to providing buyers with ethical products is a crucial element in the revolutionary movement of conscious business and ecological stability. It is my pleasure and passion to bring the most extraordinary products and inspired experiences to your customers.

Yours in Beauty and Truth,